ASEAN Links - Outsourcing and expanding business into Thailand and the ASEAN  ASEAN Links - Outsourcing and expanding business into Thailand and the ASEAN

Coverage can provide advice to assist on the latest implementation of the AEC to help you expand or enter the ASEAN markets. There will be many opportunities, and there are many options for establishing and structuring
your business model.

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aims to create a common economic community in Southeast Asia, which many believe to be similar to the European Union, but which in fact will be very different. The aim is to achieve a range of benefits for the citizens and businesses within the ASEAN member countries, including security, political stability and increases in wealth.

For implementation purposes, the AEC is further broken down into key areas,each covered under separate agreements:

  • Free flow of Goods
  • Free flow of Services
  • Free flow of Investments
  • Freer flow of Capital
  • Free flow of Labour

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In addition, Coverage provides the easiest outsourcing solution for your staffing needs. Resources can be provided for many different needs:

  • Short or long term basis
  • Specific project needs or for ongoing daily activities
  • Specific technical skills are our specialty

Coverage works with our clients to determine the most suitable and stress free arrangements. We provide a range of options or solutions:

  • Teams situated at the client office and working under local management instruction, or
  • Located at a Coverage office and providing a turnkey solution
  • Offices, equipment, telecommunications and internet connections can also be provided
  • Pre-qualification of individuals and teams provided
  • Security services can be included if needed

Coverage have a number of years operational experience in Thailand providing these services to a wide range of International and Thai clients. We understand the key issues including work permits, visas and contractual arrangements, as well as the technical skills, training and experience needed.

We make your resourcing requirements easy, so that you can concentrate on succeeding in your business!