Coverage BCP - Business Continuity Planning, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery Planning    Coverage BCP - Business Continuity Planning, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery Planning

Coverage provides consulting services in a number of areas including Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Crisis Management. Our specialty is Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

In some cases Insurance will be needed, but in some circumstances Insurance is too costly, not available or will not cover certain events. In many cases now, an Insurance policy requires that you undertake BCP activities or the policy will invalidated! The aim of a good BCP is to allow you to keep your business operating after any disaster or crisis strikes any part of your business. Click to read more...

Coverage's plans are prepared for customers to date include Human Influenza Pandemics, Earthquakes, Floods, Terrorist Attacks, Fires and even DRP's for SAP software systems.

Coverage provides these services to a number of clients across multiple continents today. Our consultants have worked in Asia, Australia, Europe and even Africa providing BCP systems that have been used successfully for many disasters. We are also one of only a very small number of providers of these services in Thailand.

Being based in Bangkok, Coverage can provide these services and any deliverables to Thai clients in the Thai language if required. In the event of an actual crisis event, Coverage consultants can be provided to assist client responses.

Contact us today for confidential discussions regarding your requirements and concerns – don't wait until after the next event strikes!

Continuity and Consultancy Services provided include:

  • Complete Business Continuity Programs compliant with international standards
  • Crisis Management Training and systems
  • Training of BCP Managers
  • Specific Contingency Plans (for many risks such as Pandemics, Terrorist Attacks or IT failures)
  • Training of staff and management
  • Exercises and Testing
  • Assistance with audits and compliance requirements (e.g. reporting to BOT or external auditors)
  • BCP and DRP Policy development
  • IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Improvements
  • Sharepoint Management
  • SOX Consulting
  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Facilitation of Management Meetings

Industries Coverage has worked with:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism and Entertainment

Andrew Durieux in a business continuity (BCP) training session.