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March 2012 | PDF

For Immediate Release

Coverage Ltd Offers Companies Free Flood Review Workshops.

Coverage Ltd, specialists in business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning and crisis management, are offering companies affected by last year’s floods in Thailand a free review workshop at the client’s premises.

“So many companies have suffered losses, so many workers and their families disrupted, and the Thai economy battered. Companies are only now getting back to work,” said Andrew Durieux, founder and managing director of Coverage Ltd who has 15 years of experience in business continuity planning across 4 continents, “These workshops will give an independent outsider’s view of how the company handled the floods and provide assistance in handling floods or any other disaster in the future.”

The workshop will cover what happened to a company’s production capabilities, supply chain, human resources and the impact on its suppliers and customers. Upon completion of the workshop, a written report will be given which will detail what was done well during the floods and what could have been done better as well as recommendations with action points to handle future floods and other disasters. Coverage Ltd can conduct the workshop in English or Thai. This free offer will last from today until the 12th April 2012 only.

About Coverage
Coverage Ltd is a Thai registered company found in 2004. It has been providing companies in Thailand and Asia with training and assistance in implementing business continuity and recovery plans for over 8 years. The company has provided business continuity training and advice to companies in Thailand during H1N1, protests, floods and many other disasters.

For media enquiries and further comments contact:
Andrew Durieux
Managing Director
Tel: 02 2618485