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June 2012 | PDF

For Immediate Release

Coverage Ltd Announces Rebranding.

Coverage Ltd Thailand is a diversified company specialising in Business Continuity Planning, Outsourcing, Commercialisation and Software. The company has recently rebranded the different services of the business from a branded house to a house of brands. This now means that each one of Coverage’s services has now become an individual brand and will no longer be using the Coverage name.

We have decided to update the logo and our overall look and feel to better include the new activities and our growth plans. Anything is possible in Thailand and the ASEAN region over the coming years, and Coverage intends being part of this infinitely exciting and infinitely interesting area. In addition to our ongoing Software, Business Continuity and Outsourcing businesses, we have added the ASEAN Links service, which is linked with our partner, Techtrage Global, to assist Australian and other businesses enter and take advantage of the infinite opportunities in Thailand and ASEAN, Said Andrew Durieux Managing Director and founder of Coverage Ltd

The decision to rebrand the different services has been based on the growth of the business and the need to clearly define each service. The Coverage name has become more aligned to the business continuity service, due to the recent media coverage during the Thai flood. The decision has been made to rebrand the business continuity service, as Coverage BCP and create individual brands for the other services.

The software division in Thailand will be branded as Infocomm Thailand, in order to leverage off Infocomm Australia brand name and reputation. Infocomm Australia is a leading global solutions provider of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ), Logistics Software and Supply Chain management software. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia and is also co-owned by Andrew Durieux.

The outsourcing division will be known as ASEAN Links. The decision has been made to position ASEAN Links, as a partner for foreign businesses setting up operations in the ASEAN region. ASEAN Links will be leveraging off Andrew experience and connections in setting up businesses in Thailand. As well as his knowledge of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) and ASEAN, gained from his volunteer roles at the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand and The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

Coverage Ltd Thailand will be conducting operational activities for Tech Trage Global. TechTrage Global focuses on the global commercialisation of new technologies. Coverage Ltd will be supporting clients of TechTrage to set up manufacturing facilities in Thailand and develop partnerships with companies in Thailand. TechTrage Global is also co-owned by Andrew Durieux.

Further information about Coverage and the new brands can be found at

About Coverage Ltd
Coverage Ltd Thailand was founded in 2004 by Andrew Durieux. The company has been providing business continuity training and planning to companies in Thailand. Assisting foreign companies to set up operations in Thailand as well as selling software from Infocomm Australia. Coverage has expanded to become a diversified company, through the growth of the different services, and through the formation of different business partnerships. The company is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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