Coverage BCP - Business Continuity Planning, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery Planning ASEAN Links - Outsourcing and expanding business into Thailand and the ASEAN

With unmatched experience and client care, Coverage BCP provides Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, testing, and training to prepare clients for any crisis. Our certified consultants can make plans for a wide range of disasters including earthquakes, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, IT failures, pandemics and many more.

ASEAN Links is an outsourcing and expansion service, providing clients with project or ongoing teams with specific skills. We can provide teams at the client's office, and under the clients management, or we can provide a full turnkey service including office facilities saving valuable time and effort in establishing a new office in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Infocomm Software Thailand - Multi-lingual Finance, Warehouse, Logistics and Transport Management Software TechTrage Global - New technologies commercialisation

Building on more than 30 years of experience and proven success, Infocomm Software offers multi-lingual business management software including finance, sales, warehouse, transport and many more. We can provide standard solution, or a tailored solution to not only meet your exact needs for today, but also to allow flexibility and expandability for the future.

To tap into global markets, great technology is not enough. Opening up business opportunities requires something more. TechTrage Global focuses on the global commercialisation of new technologies. Our team of international experts bridges the gap between new technology innovation and commercial success, turning ideas into real business opportunities.