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Public Programs

  • A Healthy Business Continuity Plan: The Role of BCP in the Healthcare Industry
  • Business Continuity in Thailand: Strategic Planning Series - Prepare for Political Uncertainty
  • Business Continuity in Thailand: How-to Series - Customize Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Risk Management

  • Introduction to Risk Management: Discovering the world of risk management and the facts about "the unexpected impossibilities".
  • Risk Management Essentials: Learning the variety of standards, business impact analysis, risk assessment, and risk treatment options.
  • Continuity Planning: The key factors in business continuity, planning options, documentation, testing, training, and maintenance.
  • Crisis Management: Managing your organization during a crisis - options available: Plan A (Strategic Crisis Management) and Plan B (Crisis Management in Action Workshop)
  • Specific Risk Courses: Learn how to deal with specific risks such as Bird Flu, Storms, Fire, or Toxic Chemical Spills.
  • Specialist Courses: Advanced continuity training for specialists to manage variety of risks such as Legal & Compliance Matters, Organizational Health & Safety, Branding & Reputation Crisis, IT Disaster, Supply Chain Crisis, Communication Crisis, Leadership Crisis, Political Crisis, or Cultural Crisis

In our Risk Management training courses, you will learn how to write a plan step by step. Those who complete the full series will be able to write a BC plan by themselves!