Skills and knowledge for you to manage your company during future disasters e.g. floods, fires, earthquakes, I.T. failures and more.

Has your business ever been affected by a disaster? Were you unable to operate and meet your customer’s demands because you were affected by a disaster? Did you lose money due to being hit by a disaster?

Is insurance not available for certain disasters or is too expensive? Do you still want to protect your business from floods, fires, I.T. failure and other disasters?

Then a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and an understanding of the BCP process will ensure that you are prepared for any disaster and are able to manage your business through any crisis.

A Business Continuity Plan can be thought of as your company’s first-aid kit for disasters. It provides you with all the necessary tools for you to prepare and manage disasters – just like you have the first-aid kit to prepare in case you fall ill.

"Business Continuity Training Workshop" will be run in English by our experienced speaker, Mr. Anrew Durieux, Director and Principle Consultant at Coverage Ltd. (Click to read profile)

The course is well-suited for:

  • People from companies that have been affected by the flooding in Thailand and want to know how to manage their company during any possible future floods.
  • Business owners who want to gain an understanding of Business Continuity Planning in order to manage possible future disasters.
  • Managers of companies that are unable to obtain insurance such as for flooding in Thailand, or if a company has products that they are unable to insure.
  • People responsible for disaster management and business continuity planning who are looking to advance their skills and gain further knowledge.

At the end of the course participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • How to manage a company during a disaster
  • An understanding of the different risks and there potential impact on the business
  • The steps to begin developing a Business Continuity Plan
  • How to train staff on the management of disasters

The workshop will cover the topics listed in the “Workshop Agenda” below. The following skills and knowledge might be the difference between your business surviving the next disaster or being forced to close down.

Previous Coverage Business Continuity Workshops attendees have said:

"Thank you Andrew for your very interesting and practical insight on Business Continuity Management during our Thailand flood crisis" - Jean F. Laugier, Founder (Lean Hub Asia)

"Good session to bring new ideas for the evacuation and recovery steps for my property
" - Nathalie Post, GM (Pachara Suites)

Companies will be able to claim 200% tax deduction on their expenses of attending the workshop under the Skill Development Promotion Act B.E. 2545 (A.D. 2002) by the Department of Skill Development. We recommend that each individual company check that they are eligible for the deduction. Coverage will provide an official company receipt and certificate on the completion

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact us at 02-2618485 or for further information.

Workshop Agenda

Duration: 1 day (9AM-5PM)

BCP Introduction: basics and key concepts
  • What is BCP (Business Continuity Planning)?
  • What are the links with: Disaster Recovery / Emergency Management / Crisis Management / Contingency Planning
  • Explanation of the different BCP standards
  • Project plan for developing a BCP including: Business Impact Assessment / Risk Analysis / Risk Treatment options
  • How to embed BCP into your organisation for ongoing sustainability?

BCP Benefits and Opportunities

  • Major reasons for undertaking a BCP project
  • Case studies showing how to save money, save time, win new business and even profit from your BCP project

BCP Exercises

  • Key options for testing, training and exercising your BCP within your organisation.
  • Scenario exercises to gain real experience in using a BCP
  • Tools to develop an exercise for your management teams.

BCP Development

  • Options for how to go about developing, documenting and implementing your BCP project
  • Tricks and tips to make your project operate smoothly and quickly
  • Final questions will be answered, and ongoing contact details for advice provided